FAR SAseries Floating Motorcycle Brake Rotor-200~220mm

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  • FAR SAseries Brake Disc:200mm, 220mm, 245mm, 260mm, 300mm, 320mm, 330mm
  • External Testing Certification:CE, ISO9001, ROHS
  • Item Type:Brake Discs

Key Features

FAR SAseries Floating Brake Disc

► Customized Brake Disk

› Inner Disc Color : Gray
› Screws Color : Titanium 

› Inner Disc Color : Yellow
› Screws Color : Titanium 

› Inner Disc Color : Blue
› Screws Color : Red

5.5-mm discs / 5~10 floater system

These are floating discs made up of a brake rotor in thermically-treated martensitic stainless steel (capable to stand any thermomechanic strain) and of an CNC alloy-aluminium bell.

These two parts are connected to each other using 10 bushings.

Find us →www.far-brake.com

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